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It seems that Stefan Tretau has renounced his past. Parallel to his last release "Set your Mind to Control the Heart of the Sun" his new mini-album "Chivvy" moves again off the beaten track. However, it turns out to be less analog and abstract than the previous album. You may call it crackling-jazzy and floating-melodic, if you want to describe music at all.

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14 February 2015



Stefan feels that a classic house track is not essential for the success of a new release. Ease and melody are his new fashion. Even if this fashion is only a temporary equalization of taste and it will probably not last for too long.

He believes lack of imagination to exploit new opportunities is not an option. Only with imagination can he accept the new, rebel against the old, leave the familiar behind and transform the common to the unknown.

For Stefan it is impossible to set his own limits a priori. They must be recognized, experienced and perceived. Even if his constant search does not have the goal to enhance the music. At least it satisfies his desire for roots and origin and paves his way forward.

Future needs origin, even if it means to reverse the slowness of the origin and the rapidity of the future. Only cessation leads to consciousness. Finally "Chivvy" is not only an expression of an inner trait, but it is a hunt for musical backgrounds.



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