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High Ways (EN) Alternatives (EN)

Stefan Tretau strengthens the reactivation of his label with his third release on ST_Records. "Come on Over" is the newest EP and it comes over with a melodic-deephouse-inside underneath its techhouse-coat.

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20 June 2013



"Come On Over" spreads with an expecting attitude, an unsealed anticipation for something forthcoming. Despite the deeper chords this track takes shape of a cheerful figure using airy piano sounds and a mellow melody. Surly a piece one can hardly escape from.

The "Come On Over Miles Deluxe Remix" goes a step further than the original and highlights the excitement with a challenging groove. Miles combines deep chords with a bouncing counterpart, just to break the suspense with the aid of an atmospheric surprise in the last third. Great!

„Through Changes" knows how to present its qualities with a simple groove and keeps his retro-look until the last beat. A perfectly staged rim shot in the first and deep synthsounds in the second half make this tune become a true runner!

Being set free and coming with a rolling bassline "Choose To See" highlights the auspicious character of this EP. A delay-covered vocal, raindropping mallet-percussions and a simple melody leave this piece to be a warm welcomed partner for your ears.

„Inside Of An Atom" explores the nature of dubtechno and chillout using simple chords, wide spread guitar licks and delayed percussion. This track maintains its fluffy and poetic touch and may leave you stranded a million miles from where you began.



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