Whatever (EN) Come on (EN)

The first MP3-EP coming under my own direction is now available. It includes a healthy mixture of deep and tech-house tunes and crows with impulsive and dreamy beats.

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01 May 2013



Like a lonley ride "High Ways" unfolds its hypnotic impact. Immeditaly you try to syncronize the beat to the passing road markings. Lovely melodies and effect covered tones in the first and almost floating synthsounds in the second part of the track bypass like landmarks on the roadside. A truly melodic track that keeps one moving.

"Daniel Doppler" has chosen a roadster for his High Ways Remix. Being almost unstoppable, this beatengine keeps running straight towards its intention. Daniel uses the original´s samples in a descreet, but recognizable manner. During the break it feels like cruising towards the rising sun, just to push the gas pedal in the field of electronics immediatley afterwards. Truly the most racy track on this ep!

"The Best Is Yet To Come", what a promise! Due to its frisky character and underlying funk this track seem to contest its title itself. Fresh chord sounds and a hint of oldskool let this tune become a hotty, that doesnt have to promise anything more.

What do seals and electronic music have in common? Well, they almost sound the same! The underwater recordings remind on effect sounds of a modular synth. Therefore its no surprise "Not the End Of The World" easily reconciles seal calls, cracking ice and arctic water. The result is a dubby deep house track that holds all required skills: chords, delay effects, in-depth melodies and loads of an arctic atmosphere.


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