Chivvy (EN) Dividng (EN)

Perhaps "Radical" is the best name for Stefan's first EP in 2015. And that´s just because the style of this publication has changed radically in contrast to his previous releases. Driving beats and rolling synth-sounds move these tracks to the edge of a techno moment.

Catalogue no.


Release date

18 April 2015



Furnished with chords and melodic moments the first track "Radical" takes the lead. At the beginning this piece doesnt show what will evolve with time. Because in the middle of the track each foot will feel the beat and wants to move on, just to keep pounding with a big grin after the break.

"Dissolving" is defined by its straight-driving beat, its grinding sounds and melodic accompaniment as a perfect tool for Dj-use. No innovation award is expected here and no revolution is born, because "Dissolving" just wants to live up to one´s name and dissolve in a mix to be part of a whole.

Chords, again Chords, a bit of reverb and much delay - these are the ingredients that make the third title of this EP to a melancholic deep house track. Almost ten minutes seem to be much at first, but in the course of the track this length arises to be a perfect base to mindlessly getting lost in it.

"Lacidar” marches to a different drummer. Being less impulsive, but more funky and cozily here, this track provides a melody, which will surely cause earwigs.


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